Quick And Efficient Unpacking Guide

Check the following quick and efficient unpacking guide. Additionally, if you want unpacking services, you can rely on movers in Torrance to get the job done.

  1. Clean the rooms before unpacking. In this way, you will not have your precious items come in contact with dust, hair or any other sort of dirt. You really do not want to place an expensive couch or furniture in a dusty place. Plus if you use the same cleaning products in the new home, you will give it a more familiar and pleasant scent. Wash the floors and let them dry before opening any box.
  2. Make an unpacking list order. You will need to identify the areas where items need to be unpacked first, typically the areas you use the most, like bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. But if you have kids, you may want to prioritize the kids’ room(s) and unpack their toys. And they can even help you. This ensures that they have other things to do than messing around and disturb you.  Also, if you work from home or you have urgent things to settle, setting your home office must be a priority.
  3. Unpack one room each time. Unpacking items for 2-3 rooms at once is a big mistake that will only consume your time. Go from room to room, based on the priority order you have decided.  Additionally,  if you have some other people helping you, you may want to assign them other rooms.
  4. Use the labels and inventory to unpack boxes. This is why people should always label their boxes before moving. When you have to assemble a system, make sure you have near all the boxed used to pack parts and connectors.
  5. Unpack essentials first. You should first unpack boxes containing essential items for each room. For bathroom, toiletries and shower curtains should come first and for bedroom, all bedding items.

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