Los Angeles Movers Offer Tips for Moving With Plants!

Nothing makes us feel like home than having besides us our beloved pets and plants. It helps us accommodate faster and creates a warm, pleasant ambient. But plants are extremely fragile and you must give special attention when moving them into a new place. Otherwise, they will not survive the trip.

moving-plants-los angelesConsult the moving company you have hired and ask it if it has a strategy regarding plants relocation. Los Angeles movers offer tips for moving with plants.

  • Make some research about your plants. You must find out more about their temperature tolerance, humidity tolerance and if they are able to survive some time without sunlight. Keep in mind that the plants will be in the back of a truck, deprived from sunlight. If they are too fragile, you may want to find another home to them. Ask one of your friends if he can take care of them.
  • If you are moving in another state, check if you are allowed to move with plants. Some species are not allowed and it would be terrible to leave your plants at the border, not knowing if someone will take care of them or not.
  • Ask the moving company if it has special rules about plants and if it allows plants in its trucks.
  • It you have green light from the moving company, you should start making some preparations. Clean the plants and remove dead leaves and branches.
  • If you are moving plants from you garden, you should plan everything with some months ahead.  Dig the plant and wrap the root ball in cloth and then place it in a shaded area of your garden.  Maintain the root ball constantly moist until the move date.
  • Before move, check if the plants have pests or weeds and eliminate them.  Use flea collars or pest strips.
  • Place your plants in special plastic pots and after that, place the pots in sturdy carton boxes. Use cushioning materials between pots.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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