Is Packing A Kitchen An Exhausting Activity ? Check our Tips!

Although it may look small, easy to be packed, packing a kitchen proves to be on of the most time consuming activities during a move. There is a multitude of items that must be carefully wrapped and placed in boxes.  Here we usually keep numerous plates, glasses, bottles, knives, kitchen furniture items, sinks and many kitchen appliances.

moving2 (1)You will need to be extremely well organized if you want to finish this job until the deadline. Movers Torrance provides will assist and guide you throughout the whole relocation and can pack and move kitchen items for you. Is packing a kitchen an exhausting activity? Check our tips!

1)      Plan ahead. You will need to clean all the kitchen items and record them in an inventory list. Also, this is the perfect time to decide if you want to keep some old items or just throw them away. You can also organize a garage sale and try to earn a buck.  Assessing the number of items is very important because it will make you aware on how many packing supplies you will need.

2)      Pack an essential box first. Here is where you should place things you will need for the first days in your new home. You must place some knives, forks, spoon, glasses, toaster and plates. Of course, not all of them, just a limited number to make the new kitchen fully functional as soon as possible.

3)      Start collecting packing supplies.  You will need boxes of different shapes and sizes.  Lightweight items can be places in large boxes. Here you can also place objects that are more difficult to pack: dish racks, small appliances (if they do not have their original boxes), plastic plates and kitchenware, baking tins.  Heavier items can be placed in medium boxes. Here you should keep:  pantry items, pots, pans, silverware.  Fragile items require heavy duty boxes, with double-walls. You will also need news-wrap, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, cell kits, sealing tape, markers and labels.

4)      Use the markers to label the boxes.  This will be very helpful when unloading the boxes. Also, you will know where fragile items are and you will avoid placing the boxes containing them at the bottom of the cargo.

Our company is more than capable of relocating your whole kitchen. We do this sort of operations on regular basis and we know precisely what to do.  We offer affordable, high-quality services. For more details, check our website. Visit us!

by Ciprian Gurgu


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