How to Properly Pack and Move Boxes in Torrance, Los Angeles

Packing boxes may seem the easiest job during the whole relocation process. But when we are in a rush, we tend to neglect minor details, a thing that usually has negative consequences later. Packing boxes is not an activity to be trifled about and although it is not physical exhausting as lifting heavy furniture, it can still get us tired and edgy very quickly.

packers-in-laThere are special guidelines and tips about how to properly pack and move boxes. First of all you must decide what types of boxes you need for transportation.  You will surely need boxes of various shapes and sizes. It is essential that all of your boxes are durable and not to present any structural damage, such as scratches, holes, punctures and so on.

Heavy duty boxes are indicated for heavier items.  Do not forget to make a list of materials needed for wrapping and to give extra protection and insulation. Scissors and markers will certainly prove to be vey useful.

Labeling boxes in another step and you must do that for a better placement of them in the back of the truck. Also, if you have disassembled items, numbering and labeling will make your job easier, when you unpack and want to reassemble the objects. Boxes containing fragile items must have an increased level of protection and a more careful handling. You should add bubble wrap or polystyrene for extra protection and to prevent the items from moving inside the box. This will also absorb shocks caused by bumps or collisions.

No one can really predict accidents and taking all safety measures will minimize any damage that may occur. Another problem is handling the crates and boxes. If they are easy, there is no problem with doing a little physical work. The major problem appears when you must carry heavier items. For that you should buy or rent various gears including lifting gates for vehicles, dollies or hand trucks. These equipments can be a bit expensive, but they do their job and are efficient. If you do not have the tools call for someone that has them.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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