How can you check a Moving Company’s License Number ?

It is important to prepare in advance for a move. That means making list with materials and inventory lists of your items. Also, if you are thinking hiring a moving company, you should do your homework and double check that company.

moving-truckIf you live in Torrance or nearby and you want to leave or move, your first thought should by to hire one of the many movers Torrance provides. The job will be completed faster than you can ever imagine and it will be done in a professional manner, by highly-trained workers. But before you should proceed, you must gather data about companies.  First thing to do is to check if they are eligible and recognized by authorities.

Use appropriate sites and check the license number of any company. Any moving company must have a license number issued by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). This number is also called USDOT number.  Any company that transports cargo or passengers must be registered under a USDOT number. And there are plenty of websites where you can check is a certain company has this number and is licensed by FMCSA. Like in many other cases, Internet is your greatest ally.

Also, do not forget to check State, county or local consumer affair agency for more information. You can also check your State attorney General. It is a good idea to see the complain history of any company and if they got sued. Obtaining more info about the past of a company is a good tactics and it can tell you more about the quality of the services provided.

Also, ask if they can provide moving insurance or they can offer full replacement value if any of your items get damaged or lost by the fault of the moving company. This is also a good indicator about the quality of a company and how much they want to maintain a good public image. So, it is better to work only with licensed companies with a traceable activity log.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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