5 Essential Moving Supplies For A Torrance Move!

You must have the right tools and men in order to get a job done. Besides determination, you will need moving supplies in order to start packing all your belongings. We present you 5 essential moving supplies for a Los Angeles move. Also, you should hire one of the many Torrance residential movers for further assistance.

torrance residential movers1)     Boxes. Most of your items will be packed and stored in boxes. You will need many cardboard boxes, of all sizes. Make sure to buy only high quality boxes, that are durable and do not present physical damage. Boxes with thicker walls are recommended for fragile items like glasses, porcelain plates, vases and so on. Cardboard is highly susceptible to moisture. If you do not want the box to break and damage all your items, do not place wet items inside.

2)     Bubble wrap. It is probably the most common and the most appreciated wrapping material. It comes in various shapes and sizes. Buy enough rolls of bubble wrap and use it to protect delicate items. It is a shock absorbent material.

3)     Packing peanuts.  They are usually made of polystyrene, although the tendency is to use biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. Some items have odd shapes and are harder to wrap with bubble wrap. In this case, use packing peanuts. Place those items in a box and make sure to create a sufficiently dense layer of cushioning material. Usually fill the box with packing peanuts way all to the top.

4)     Covers.  Buy plastic covers for all your leather sofas and couches. All upholsteries must be protected with special covers.  Make sure to clean the items and remove all dust before placing them in a cover.

5)     Labels. We usually prefer to label boxes with a marker, but if you do not have the time or mood to do it, you can purchase pre-made labels.

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